Strong volunteerism and generous donations achieved a great feat a few years
ago an

Now, we're looking to do it yet again...

Our current Old Congregational Church project is to complete the maintenance painting of the steeple spire this summer. Because of the height, a lift will need to be rented, which significantly increases the cost! At the bottom of this page are instructions as to how to help with this project... 

Thank You to all our 250 Club members

The final phase of the steeple restoration was
completed in October 2016!

Below is the history of our restoration journey...

Three residents of Lunenburg took on the first phase of the Congregational Church steeple restoration in 2007. Over the course of the two years it took to complete the work, there were other members of Lunenburg and some from surrounding communities that assisted in the work by volunteering their labor and donating equipment and materials.

The total number of hours put in by volunteers totaled 436.25. The value of the donated equipment, materials, and man-hours was $28,276.00. The out of pocket expenses, which were paid by the Top of the Common Committee, totaled $2,088.14.

The remainder of the steeple restoration has been waiting for the needed funds. Though the TOCC was awarded a preservation grant in 2010, made possible by a partnership between the Freeman Foundation and the Preservation Trust of Vermont, it stipulated that other needed work on the Congregational Church should be completed, leaving the remaining steeple work to volunteers and other sources of funding.

The need for the completion of the second phase of the steeple restoration has now reached a critical point. The weather has penetrated the roofing at the base of the steeple, resulting in leaking (primarily in a driving rain) into the foyer of the building. Additional patching has been done to get us through another winter but the deterioration of the roof needs to be halted as soon as possible. Our local carpenters, that completed the
first phase, have given us a price for the second phase - $12,500

250 Club has been created to meet this funding goal in little $50 pieces… 250 individuals, group of friends, or businesses x 50 = 12,500… SIMPLE!

The specific work to be completed in Phase II includes:
  • Construct scaffolding and acquire personnel lift, allowing access to the full area at one time
  • Remove the siding from the half wall at steeple base
  • Remove the numerous layers and various materials from the roof surface (roofing, patches of various metals, roofing cement)
  • Assess the roof sheathing and framing, repair and replace as indicated
  • Install new sheathing as the underlayment for new rubber roofing and then install the rubber roofing
  • Reside the half wall at steeple base
  • Reside the colonnade posts
  • Install the repaired and repainted balustrade components

Ready to be a 250 Club member or just donate to the current project?

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USPS – PO Box 195, Lunenburg, VT 05906 (checks should be made payable to “The Top of the Common Committee” or “TOCC”)

In person
– to meet with a TOCC member, phone 802-892-6654
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