Our upcoming events:

      Lunenburg 14th Maple Festival
   Saturday, March 23rd   8am - 4 pm
          Lunenburg Primary School  Bobbin Mill Road

Mark your calendars! If you'd like to help before, during, or after this great community event, call 802-892-6654 
Up-to-date information on the 2019 Maple Festival page or link from HERE

Our recent events:

Gingerbread Bazaar  - December 1st 
                     Find the winners HERE

     Grub on the Green - September 15
  Beautiful weather day, great music, great company!

          Fundraising Auction - August 4
"Thank you" to all who donated items and who placed bids. We really appreciate your support!

                Lunenburg Open Mic
  May 12, June 9, July 14, August 11, September 8 

An enjoyable season for all! Thanks to everyone who joined us.