Our Steeple DVD is now available for sale locally and through this web site!

The steeple DVD includes a main menu from which seven sets of images can be accessed. The viewing time of the entire DVD is 43 minutes, 37 seconds. The sets include:
About theTop of the Common Committee - 1:22
Steeple Removal - 4:37
Church Restoration Work - 3:10
Raising the Steeple movie - 13:15
Installing the Weathervane Movie - 5:07
Steeple Raising Movie (another take) - 11:09
Raising the Steeple Slide Show - 4:57

The cost is $10; the full amount of the purchase price benefits the TOCC projects.
A local purchase can be made by calling 802-892-6654. The DVD can also be purchased at events where the TOCC is represented.
A purchase through the mail can be made by sending a check or money order to: The Top of the Common Committee, PO Box 195, Lunenburg, VT 05906. An additional $2.75 should be included for first class postage to anywhere in the US.