Goal of August 2019 - maintenance painting of steeple spire.

October 2016
The final phase of the steeple restoration is complete!

September 2016
The painting of the steeple half wall components and post wraps is complete.

October 2015

The painting of the steeple balustrade components is complete.

September 2014 - present
The components of the steeple balustrade have had their old paint removed and have been repaired. There are five components to each of the eight sections of the octagonal
base - two full balusters, two half balusters, and a top rail. The last few pieces are being painted!
THANK YOU to those who have helped in removing the old paint and who are working on painting the components!
The completion of the steeple restoration is next on the contractors' schedule! (for the details of this work, check out the description on the "250 Club" page).

August 2013
The work on the steeple over the years has been done by local volunteers. The next steeple restoration goal is to complete all that is remaining! This involves the replacement of the flat square section of roof on which the steeple appears to sit, reconstruction of the circular wooden sections just above the roof, and the repair and installation of the balustrades and railing. Some of this work can be done by volunteers but some cannot. As soon as the money is raised, the work will

Through October 17, 2010
     Over a hundred people joined us for our celebration on the Common! We were blessed with perfect fall weather, a huge selection of very delicious food, great conversation and music that made you want to dance. "Thank you" to the cooks, to the volunteers, to the musicians, and to every one who stopped by - it truly was a community event!

great cupcake creation                photogenic again

            music by "Wing-it" livened up the festivities

October 4
    Today the steeple was raised to its majestic position on top of the Congregational Church! Volunteers were on the scene early to make preparations. Kingdom Crane of Saint Johnsbury arrived shortly before 9 AM. The crowning touches - weather vane, directional letters, ball and topper - were added around
11:30. "Thank you" to our volunteers, photographers and those who stopped by to witness this historic event! We hope you will plan to join us for our community celebration - details will be available soon on this web site and in local newspapers.


October 2
    Today the work on the steeple was completed! IF the weather plays out according to the most recent forecast, the crane will be arriving on Sunday morning. A community celebratory event is in the works - details of the date, time,
and location will be posted on this web site as soon as they
are available. We hope you'll plan to join us!

            final caulking                     sealing the cone cap

September 22
    Yesterday the last piece of carpentry repair was completed! Today all the remaining bare wood on the steeple was primed. Weather permitting, the paint will begin to be applied tomorrow - the only areas left to paint are the upper stepped section and the spire
September 18
    Today the restored shutters were returned to their position on the octagonal drum section between the two stepped sections. All the horizontal aluminum pieces have been installed on the top stepped section. The painting is done on the skirt, lower stepped and drum sections.

September 15
    The painting volunteers began today to apply the first coat of paint on the primed sections of the steeple. The extra sets of hands are a tremendous help! Simultaneously the carpenters are finishing up the metal work on the upper stepped section.  The weather forecast is looking good - so keep checking back here for further progress reports... 

There are a few jobs that could be done by volunteers to help out our restoration efforts. If you'd like to learn more about them and maybe volunteer a little of your time, please contact us atcomments@topofthecommon.org. You're under no obligation for inquiring! 

If helping toward the cost of materials for the restoration project is the way in which you'd prefer to help, pick the most convenient way to connect with us through our "contact us" page or learn how to donate electronicallyHERE.  

Through September 18, 2009
    A great deal of progress has been made on the first stage of the steeple restoration project. The Top of the Common Committee is grateful to our volunteers - Larry Amadon, Tim Betts, Henry Lingley, Gary Fournier, Larry Weidemier, Tom and Theresa Lewis, Carroll Macie, Trevor and Mary Jane Colby - as well as to those many "encouragers" who have stopped by to visit. To date our volunteers have logged over 400 hours! 
     The lower portion of the steeple (the rim, the ceiling, the two octagonal stepped sections, and the section in between) has been repaired with all new wood and primed. To prevent further decay of the horizontal pieces of the stepped sections, they are being covered with aluminum. When they are done, flashing (like a ridge cap) will be placed at the junction of each step around the octagonal. Four of the eight sections of the spire have been repaired and primed. Most of the lumber of the spire was able to be retained with some spot treatment of compromised sections with an epoxy based wood cell strengthener product. The eight shutters, which will be mounted on the octagonal surface between the upper and lower stepped sections, have been stripped, repaired and painted. 
     The Congregational Church Restoration and Preservation Society, the legal caretakers of the building, have agreed with the carpenters' recommendation to replace the existing weathervane. The TOCC wants to thank Garland Mills for their generous and sincere efforts to locate a suitable piece of wood for us; a piece owned by a Lunenburg resident has been donated and the weathervane has been constructed from it using a templet of the current one. A new wooden ball, which is positioned above the weathervane, has been turned, using new wood - the one that was on the steeple when it was removed was broken into many pieces, with parts missing, and in very compromised condition. The multi-pieced tip of the spire was reconstructed of copper to reduce future weather infiltration.

     The projected date of the hoisting of the restored steeple is before the snow flies in 2009. Armor Lightning Protection of Manchester Center, Vermont has been contracted by the Committee and on June 24th began to update the present system to current UL (Underwriter Laboratory) 96A and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 780 specifications. The present system was installed in 1955.