We're really needing volunteers...
to help spruce up the outside of the Congregational Church.

Maybe you've seen that most of the grant monies we have received have addressed needs inside the building. This primarily was determined by the requirement to comply to state fire codes so the building could be used for public functions - fire retarding all the interior wood surfaces and creating a third rear exit which had to meet the Federal ADA codes.

The balustrade components have been repaired, prepared for painting, and painted by volunteers. "Thank you!" They have been installed as part of the second phase of the steeple restoration. Second phase is now complete! The exterior of the building has been painted!

There are other needs to be met this spring/summer by volunteers: 1) the handicap ramp needs maintenance painting 2) there is hope that the Old Town Hall exterior could receive a coat of fresh paint 3) the repaired shutters need paint so they can be installed 4) weed maintenance of the handicap ramp

Not sure if volunteering is your thing? Maybe you could help us spread the word? E-mail us through this web site or call 802-892-6654 with questions or an offer to help.